Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE)

Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) has been created as Executive/Attached Department of Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training after approval from Cabinet under Cabinet Case No. 1080/37/2021 dated 9.11.2021.
The PIE is created through merger of Academy of Educational Planning & Management (AEPAM) and National Education Assessment System (NEAS) vide Cabinet Division's O.M. dated 3.12.2021.
Website of PIE will be launched in due course of time, meanwhile continue to browse defunct AEPAM website.
Research Wing
Incharge Research
Syeda Shakila Khatoon
AEPAM has conducted several studies on issues and problems related to Education development in Pakistan. It has also collaborated with several International Agencies ( UNESCO/UNICEF/UNDP/ IIEP/ IBE/ HIID (Harvard Institute for International Development) /UNCRD/CPSC) to under take investigative and evaluative studies of their interrest. Since 1982, AEPAM has produced more than 300 research studies, survey reports and research papers relating to:
  • Policy Analysis
  • Educational Planning and Management
  • Quality Education
  • Teacher Education
Current Studies
  • Factors Affecting in the achievement of EFA goals
  • Causes of Gender Disparity in Education and its impact on Socio-Economic Development in Pakistan
Completed Studies
  • Non-Functional Schools in Pakistan: Does Monitoring System has an Impact?
  • Educational Planning and Management
  • Role of School Council in Development of Secondary School
  • Problems in the Implementation of National Education Policy at Elementary Level
  • Follow up Study: to observe the Impact of ICT Training on the Professional Development of Science Teachers at Secondary Level
  • Need Assessment of Secondary School Teachers In-service Training
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Research Papers  
  • Existing Educational Management/Administrative System and Alternative Approaches to Educational Leadership/by Sarfraz Khawaja and Khawaja Sabir Hussain. 2001. 52p
  • National Diagnostics of Head-Teachers in Pakistan: Improving School Management in Asia: Capacity Building for Head-Teachers/by Habib Khan. 2000. 35p (AEPAM Research Paper No. 165)
  • Analysis of Non-formal Education in Pakistan/by Sarfraz Khawaja. 2000. 21+12p
  • Critical Analysis of Universalizations of Primary Education in Pakistan/by Sarfraz Khawaja and Khawaja Sabir Hussain. 2000. 41p.
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  • Quality of education: Learning Achievement at primary level, AEPAM Research Study No. 189
  • Professional requirements of Education Managers under Devolution Plan/ AEPAM Research Study No. 187
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate Examination (Annual)/ 2004 AEPAM Research Study No. 186
  • Secondary School Certificate Examination (Annual) 2004/ AEPAM Research Study No. 186
  • National Sample Survey of Private Schools in Pakistan/AEPAM Research Study No. 179
  • Pakistan Education Statistics 1998-99/prepared by MIS 2002.139p.-(AEPAM/NEMIS survey study No. 168)
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  • Directory of Skill Development Centres in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) by Dr. Habib Khan, Dawood Shah and Akhtar Tatla.2000.37p(AEPAM/NEMIS Information/Documentation No. 161)
  • Directory of Private Schools in Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT)/by Habib Khan, Dawood Shah and Akhtar Tatla. 2000. 91p. (AEPAM Information/Documentation No. 160
  • Monitoring Process of Education: a conceptual approach/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1997. 51p.
  • Glossary of Terminologies in Educational Planning/by Mirza Tauhiduddin Ahmad. 1996. 66
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