Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE)

Pakistan Institute of Education (PIE) has been created as Executive/Attached Department of Ministry of Federal Education & Professional Training after approval from Cabinet under Cabinet Case No. 1080/37/2021 dated 9.11.2021.
The PIE is created through merger of Academy of Educational Planning & Management (AEPAM) and National Education Assessment System (NEAS) vide Cabinet Division's O.M. dated 3.12.2021.
Website of PIE has been launched pie.gov.pk, browsing of this defunct AEPAM website is available provisionally.
AEPAM Library
AEPAM library offers a wide range of information based services ranging from books and journals to active systems. It is the largest library on Education. The Academy library makes available all extensive range of education information sources and services,in printed, electronic and other forms. Also training in their use is provided. The library has more than 8461 books on Education Planning and Management, and is one of the largest collections in the country.
A.G. Mufti Memorial Library request collection consists of more than 10,000 documents. The category wide distributions of reading materials are as under:
  • Books 7200
  • Research Reports/Studies 1000
  • Research Papers 1500
  • Journals/Serials 90
  • Microfiches 300
  • Databases 12
  • Cassettes 35
The Academy's double-storeyed Hostel with the capacity of 24 air-conditioned, fully furnished rooms located in the heart of busy commercial center, G-8 Markaz is available with comfortable accommodation to the participants. Indoor game facilities are also available for leisure and pleasure. Visiting Educationist from outside Islamabad are welcome to stay in the Hostel at nominal rates. Catering services are also provided, if required. Contact Hostel Care-Taker; Mr. Muhammad Akhter: Tel (051)-926-1676

Auditorium is conveniently situated in the Academy. Facilities are available for most important meetings, high-level seminars, workshops. Fully furnished Auditorium of 200 seating capacity with public addresses system for 44 delegates, ideal for holding Seminars, Workshops, Symposia, etc. This facility is being further extended to other organizations/departments on rental basis @

  • Auditorium Rent: Rs.10,000/- per day
  • Generator Charges: Rs. 5,000/- (need basis)
Computer Labs
Computing services support the Academy's teaching, research, administration and helps faculty make best use of information and communication system in their research work. The Academy has well equipped lab of Core i7 (with 17" LCDs) machines running Windows 8 and Windows 10. These labs are being routinely updated to meet the growing needs of the faculty. The computers in the labs are networked through Intranet and Internet access is available to employees. Facilities include networked PC rooms (both at Library and Academy), Scanning, Printing services, documentation. Computing services support a wide range of software intended to satisfy faculty requirements . All staff members have an electronic mail account and access to internet
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